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Rug Cleaning and Shampoo Wet Washing Jim Davis

Dulkerian’s Persian Rug Co. Inc. provides rug cleaning and stain removal using time-honored techniques that treat your gorgeous rugs the right way. Over the past 10 decades, we have learned the art of rug cleaning, as well as what should not be done to fine rugs. That means no steam cleaning or spray-wand washing!

Traditional Rug Cleaning & Stain Removal

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Rug Cleaning


  • Dust Cleaning & Vacuuming

  • Shampoo Wet Washing with pH-Neutral Soap

  • Vacuuming off Excess Water

  • Hanging to Dry• Hand-Combing with Finish Brush

  • Stain & Pet Odor Removal

  • Moth Protection Spray (If Requested)

  • We recommend regular Cleaning

Expert Rug Cleaning • Shampoo Wet Washing

Get your rug squeaky-clean the old-fashioned way with our rug cleaning services. Your rug won’t just receive a superficial treatment but a full-service, traditional cleaning. Our rugs are washed without harsh chemicals that fade colors and make wool lifeless. It’s a simple but labor-intensive process that makes your rug glow!  


Our traditional rug cleaning services include the following treatments:  

Old-Fashioned Cleaning

Has someone just spilled wine, blood, vomit, or dirt on your Persian rug? Don’t panic! We get calls about this often and have dubbed them “wet rug calls.” We care about these rug emergencies and will talk you through the best remedy or, depending on the severity, bring the rug to our facility for cleaning.

First and foremost, do not spray the stain down with an enzyme spray. The chemicals in most enzyme cleansers destroy good rugs, leaving bleached spots or removing natural lanolin. Other stain removal tips for your Oriental rug include the following actions:

Emergency House Calls

  • Act Quickly When Possible

  • Try Putting Water or Club Soda on the Stain

  • For urine stains use white vinegar  to prevent  it turning into ammonia, causing permanent stains

  • Blot with Clean, Soft White Cloths

  • Work from the outside Inward to HelpPrevent Stain Spreading

  • Do Not Rub Rug Spots, which May Destroy Texture

  • Apply Thick, White Paper Towels to Collect Moisture until Dry

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